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Another Sleepless night in S'ville I hope the WEST Coast Ragers enjoyed the RV&R 2009 tour   I do have one question. Did GLK make it to any of  the shows??

Sleepless Too
Due to extenuating circumstances directly related to eating pizza too late after church tonight, I am 'Sleepless' in WV as well, and have been up since 3:00 with 'issues'
Good time to surf the net, answer long over due emails and watch a scary movie while the wife sleeps a few rooms away
John S
I guess no one in WV sleeps anymore!
No one in WV gets up as early as you, Julia.  What time do you go to bed, anyway?
You and Sassy must turn in early.  Ask Sami what time she gets up.  Try, at the crack of Noon!!

This is the last known post on RV MB by GLK........do we call the FBI, CAPD or our very own MB seurity: Mr Flanary?

Old post 01/15/09 at 01:07 PM

"Oops, my mistake!  I must have picked up an impostor at the airport.  She said her name was Suasn.

Now I'm Bringing Suasn Home....."

spell check


Charles Flanary
I'll get an APB on him right away.
Mike B

The Jawja Dawg is strangely silent as well!  The MB just ain't the same without Dawg and the RBD(Rager Band Director).

I'll call CHIPS on GLK.

See if I book another California Dreamin' Tour again. 5 shows in 5 days, and he doesn't show up at any of them. He's probably too embarrassed to show himself on here. He knows he'll be hearing about this, and not picking Susan up from the airport. Poor girl sat there for 5 days waiting for him. Shame on him.

Thanks to the rest of the Ragers out west for participating. Your support was greatly appreciated.
Charles Flanary
That's OK Herb just book more in Missouri.

I just wanna say Thanks again, Herb!

The California Tour was Awesome! I think you should do it again next year! 

I was really bummed I couldnt make them all. So to cheer myself up.. we went to the P.B.R. Next time Sassy, call me and I'll come pick ya up! We could have a Fun-Filled week of Ragin' Bluegrass Music from RV&R and Wrangler-wearing Bull Riders!

p.s. That could be considered a sport, right, Dear Herby? It has an 8 sec. clock and a point system..?


Thank you Amy!! I see now I can not depend on GLK

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