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All of a sudden this is important to me The Super Bowl WILL be able to be broadcast on the cruise right??????

NE Division
Morning Prez.,

    Just incase you don't want to wait for sleepyhead....Can you say



Doug and Pat Miller
A wonderful outcome.     We only watch NFL to see the Ravens put in their place. We are no fan of their overly aggressive behavior on the field... and some off as well.  Poor example for kids in today's world. A player can be tough, play hard and still have some class.
Sherry F

Julia i am sure the boss will have you working all through the game!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gee thanks for bringing me back to reality Sherry

Prez since the Arizona CARDINALS are playing in the Super Bowl, I'm sure it will be on the Jumbo Tron. Unfortunately, you will be working in the computer library all day downloading pictures and posting to the MB all the stuff for the folks back home. And of course if you finish with that a little early, we'll put you in show lounge cleaning for that nights show. In other words, no time for you to watch the game with the rest of the guys. Unless you want to fetch me something cold to drink, and maybe some popcorn.

Need I remind you of the success....or lack thereof....of the CARDINALS playing against PITTSBURGH in baseball???? If I remember correctly, it didn't go so well for the Cards

I'll bring you all of the cans of Coke you would like

Hmmmmm....I'll bet the game can be watched live on the internet, so while CinderJulia is busy working in the computer lab, she can watch the game too
NO COKE!!!!!!!!!    Pepsi is the drink omy choice. Popcorn, no butter, extra salt.

Should be a good game. Arizona has riddled all the other great defenses. Maybe the same can be done to the Steelers....who knows.

One thing is for sure. I know the Prez will be rooting for the Steelers, which gives Arizona a good chance.
Mike Garlock
Afternoon Herb,

    You even got me drinking Pepsi now, but "Hey Doc" how about supporting the poor Dairy Farmers and put a little Butter on that Popcorn!  Mike G.
NO COKE!!!!!!!!! Pepsi is the drink omy choice.

Why do you think I offered to bring you all of the COKE you could drink
Mike, I'd love to throw a little butter on the corn, but my cardiologist wouldn't like it much. He would probably dis-own me for a stunt like that.
Besides, I drink 2% milk everyday. I try to do my part to help the Dairy farmers. Rhonda on the other hand drinks milk by the gallons. She drinks skim milk, which comes from cows that only gets to LOOK at the corn most other cows are eating.

Prez, I should have known you were taunting me with that second class cola drink (Coke) You know me....It's first class or none at all!!!!
Mike B

Prez... you know we all love you, but please don't use four-letter words(C_ _ _) on the MB.   I have been employed by a PEPSI franchise for almost 26 years and everything I own has been bought with proceeds from Pepsi & Mt.Dew sales.  Dr. Herby knows what is best!!!

"Dear Herby"


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