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Another near sell out last night. Only a few seats from a total SELL OUT!!

This has been an exhilarating week; with new members, new music, and new fans!

Today we are in Blythe, California at a festival. How awesome to play outside in the winter!  :-)

A parachuter just landed here at the festival. I caught a quick photo.

It's beautiful sunny day, a bit windy, but it's wonderful to be in the sunshine for a few more hours before we head to Birmingham.

Enjoy a super Sunday!!!
I hope you brought your winter coat with you because on Tuesday the high will be 35 with snow in Birmingham

Soak in as much sun as you can today!!!


It shouldn't be too bad. Just a chance of flurries Tuesday morning. I have lived in Birmingham most of my life and even when they predict some winter weather we never get much of anything.
Have a great time in Brimingham!
Rhonda , so happy for you... for all the sold out concerts.

A beautiful picture of  GODS' perfect blue sky and our grand AMERICAN FLAG.
Thank you for sharing.
Mike B

So close... yet so far away!  Sure wish Birmingham wasn't a private function.


Me too! Maybe I'll spend the day out shopping and hope I'll run into Rhonda somewhere!

Dean the Boston Boy
Rhonda et al

I am officially attending Podunk CT this year! Made hotel reservations last week and tickets are on the way! I know that's in July but I'm excited already.

Just found out that I'm also going to see Patty Loveless in Chicago in March. A Christmas present from an old friend, whom I love dearly.

I look forward to seeing some more of my fellow Ragers face-to-face. And seeing the Queen, of course...

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