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Karen in CA
Greetings Robert...
Sorry to hear how cold it is there. I went to the market this afternoon and it was 91. Is that crazy or what? I would rather be in Missouri, trust me.
I'm not sick but enjoy the seasons. We are just loosing our fall leave's.
Last night's show was amazing.
Chris was given such a treat. He deemed himself a true Rager today.
The new addition's are awesome. They have new energy and youthfulness.
Were hoping for a new DVD. That way we can switch the DVD's up.
We would love to see a greatest hit's DVD.
Glad to hear you got yours up and running. Today' s TV is not worth watching so with these DVD's we have a choice. Hope you have better health and much better weather. May the Queen visit you often.  Wishing you the best....Karen from CA
Dean the Boston Boy
Rhonda, Karen, Robert et al:

I would love a Rhonda Vincent DVD that combined live performances, life on the road adventures, fan encounters, and recording sessions. There could even be a special "Bluegrass cruise" section!

I'm always amazed at the pace of Rhonda's life and fascinated by what it must be like to live as she does, balancing family and performing. Maybe a "year-in-the-life" type video would shed some light on it. Plus it would be cool.

Robert Hall
Karen! --

I only wish it was 91 degrees here near Plymouth MA,where I am...like the title of one of Rhonda's songs says,"You Don't Know How Lucky You Are"!.. I'd do just about anything to be where its WARM and there's NO SNOW,right about now!..

Though the LONG drudgery of sub-zero misery of last week has departed,its still been barely above 32 degrees the past 3 days--yesterday we got over 6" of snow,and I spent most of the day plowing with my truck,and shoveling the walks,steps,etc..not a fun chore at all, when you feel like your knocking on deaths door already..

The trucks plow blew a hydraulic hose for the power angle on it,just as I was doing the last few passes on my driveway--that allows the plow to flop from side to side,making it pretty useless..

I was too beat to fool with it,it was nearly dark by then,so I went in the house,ate supper,and I wasn't able to watch Rhonda's DVD like I wanted too,my eyes just wouldn't stay open...of course by 3 am I was wide awake..it was a long night..

Today, I awoke to ANOTHER 7" of NEW snow,and all my work yesterday was for naught!!--looked worse out in my yard than it did yesterday,in fact,you couldn't tell I ever did anything!--and now I had no plow truck, on top of having to do it all over again,and I was sore as can be from yesterdays beating still..
I was NOT very happy...

I ended up using chains bolted to each side of the plow, to anchor it "straight ahead" so I could at least plow my own driveway,and be able to go get milk, food,and maybe a new hose made for the plow--but it wasn't until dark that I was able to just to get the blown hose OFF--so it wont get fixed until tomorrow(If I'm lucky!)-

--Unfortunately, we may get another 1-3" more snow tonight,and another "potentially big" storm tomorrow night "might just miss us"--well,the "weathermen" said that LAST night too,and said only an "inch or so" was supposed to fall..only one forecaster said my area COULD get "up to 5" of snow,and he was close, we got 7"!-of course we would,seeing my plow was out of commission!!..(I should buy a snowmobile,then I bet it'd never snow again!).

I pray the next two storms do miss us,we have got 15" of snow in the past two days,plus all we had from weeks before never got to melt--now the snowbanks are 6+' high, and its getting harder to find places to put it!..my walks are getting narrower with each storm too..driving is also dangerous ,due to the high snow piles blocking your view at intersections..we already exceeded our normal average yearly snowfall of 40".so far we got 52",and its only mid January!.. "Global Warming"??...not HERE!..

Needless to say, I'm not feeling to great after doing all this hard labor,especially after being quite weak from two months of illness,that I'll continue to have difficulty recovering from, if this keeps up..I'm kinda surprised it hasn't killed me already,really..

So--what does all this have to do with Rhonda?--nothing I guess--except maybe she's very SMART, to have been touring in CA in January!..a lot smarter that I am,being stuck here in a snowbank,trying to fix a rotted out plow truck in 20 degree weather!.."California Dreaming" is an appropriate name for the tour though,since I can only DREAM of ever getting there..

Maybe tonight I can keep my eyes open long enough to watch the "Ragin Live" DVD again...I'll try,but I bet I wont be able too..
I'd love to have Rhonda make more DVD's in the future--though nothing beats seeing her in person, and meeting her,a DVD of a live show of hers,is the next best thing to "being there"...and it helps the long winters here pass a bit more quickly,having some encouragement like that to watch....

...meanwhile,could you send some of that HEAT to Massachusetts Karen?..please?..91 degrees would be OK,even 50 degrees would be great!..

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