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So far I have listened to Good Thing Going and All American Bluegrass Girl.  I have three more CD's to go, The Storm Still Rages, Ragin' Live and Bound For Glory Land.  I love what I have heard so far and the song that is my favorite so far, is Jesus Built A Bridge to Heaven.  I love them all but that song, man, it just gets to me!  I love Rhythm of the Wheels too and the song that made me laugh a little is World's Biggest Fool.  Ok, I need help now!  After I listen to these albums, I want to enhance my collection.  What should I get next?  And I will want to get the entire discography!

Edward M. O'Brien
  There's not a bad one in the bunch !!! Just keep working your way back !
John S
hey Vito!!
While my personal favorite might be All American Bluegrass Girl, I agree with Mr. O'Brien ... there's not one bad CD in the lot!!
Try One Step Ahead and Back Home Again. And if you are interested in getting a little 'retrospective' of Rhonda's work (before she put out Back Home Again on Rounder Records) from the time she was a little thing, try Yesterday and Today ... there's a song on there called How far Is Heaven and it is a real heart breaker. The first recording is with her mom in 1967 and the second is after her children have gotten old enough to sing along in 1998.

John S
Gary Kennedy
I concur with my distinguished colleague from the great state of West Virginia.  "One Step Ahead" and "Back Home Again" are two of the most important recordings in the entire history of bluegrass music.

When I first started going on extended RHONDAvous Tours, "One Step Ahead" had just been released.  I would frequently listen to it all the way to the show.....and the next show.....and the next show.  To this day, I still have a tradition of always "breaking in" every rental car with One Step Ahead by the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT.

Happy Ragin' Vito!


You should get Rhonda's "Timeless and True Love", which was the first record of hers I ever bought. It's still a favorite, with a very sweet version of "Midnight Angel" on it.  "Sweet Dreams and Sunshine" is nice, too.

OK OK, ALL of Rhonda's records are worth owning!

Robert Hall
Vito--glad to hear your enjoying your new CD's --hate to say "I told you so",but I will,cause I knew you'd love Rhonda!..now you'll have to go SEE Rhonda live in concert,THEN you'll REALLY have Ragin' Fever!..

I'll say this--ALL her CD's are well worth getting,I've never been disappointed with any of the ones I have of hers--I still am lacking a few of her early ones though..hoping to be able to get them ALL someday!..

I have a copy of her "Written In The Stars" cassette, and a cd copy of it another very generous Rager sent me a few years back- it's out of print now I believe,it was released on "Giant" records label--if you can find that one,it was Rhonda's debut into country music around 1993..

One of my favorite songs of Rhonda's is on that CD--
"In Your Loneliness"..it's a real heart-breaker that Rhonda sings to perfection.."Written In The Stars" "The Passing Of The Train","Ain't That Love",and "What Else Could I Do" are all great ones too,on that CD--she also did "Mama Knows The Highway" !..though I love all her Bluegrass cd's a great deal too,I still have a soft spot for that one,because it was the first one I ever got of hers,when "Rhonda Vincent" first came on my radio back then!.."When I Close My Eyes" is another of my favorites too..

Hope everyone else here is doing well--hope Louise is feeling better!--I've been feeling quite lousy again myself the past two days..

Hope those like me who didn't get to go "cruisin" aren't too bummed out!..I cant go on boats,I get seasick too easy,plus I cant swim,so I stay away from water and boats!..

Unfortunately, since I'm feeling poorly,another snowstorm might "clip" us here tomorrow into Wednesday,seems like it always happens that way lately..but it's been 45 degrees here today and yesterday!..first days in weeks its been above 32!..

I still have 2" of solid ICE on my driveway,that's one reason that I am not doing well--had to shovel my truck bed full of sand Thursday and then shovel it onto my driveway,which is 220' long and 25' wide..think I hurt myself,my back has been killing me since,and my stomach has been acting up again,along with my throat,and I was having difficulty swallowing again yesterday and last night..I'm about ready to go pick out a casket..

I cant wait for this LONG COLD winter to end,and hope I live to see spring..and see Rhnda again!..

Safe travels to all those "cruising" with Rhonda!..and prayers to all in KY and elsewhere who got "iced" last week too,much like my sister did up here last month..been a BAD winter all over it seems!..


Mike B

I can FINALLY agree with Mr. Kennedy on something!!!  All things considered, "The Storm Still Rages" is probably my favorite CD, but I listen to "One Step Ahead" every day in my car.  "OSA" probably shows the Queen's versatility as a vocalist more than any other album.  Hard to pick a favorite cut, but "Pathway of Teardrops" and "Missouri Moon" are simply awesome.  I feel a connection with "Kentucky Borderline" because my family's land was purchased in the 1870's from the "mighty L&N".  Be careful, Vito - I see a major RVR addiction in your future!!!

Mike B,

You bet my friend!  The addiction is here! I am mapping out my next few purchases!  The Rage is on!  Look for my newest post sooooon....The Rage Is On!
Dean the Boston Boy

I agree, the two "country" records on Giant have more hits than misses. "Written" is really good, and so is "Trouble Free". I know they're not bluegrass and more "commercial" (except they weren't) but I don't care. We have them to enjoy, and all the records that came afterwards.

Rhonda, like Patty Loveless and Trisha Yearwood, is incapable of putting out a bad record. She has too much talent, taste, and professionalism to do that.


Man you weren't kidding when you said I'd love Rhonda's music!  You should go into Sales as a career!  You sold me onto good music!
Robert Hall
Vito--Rhonda's talent makes her records sell themselves!...all they need is a little word of mouth advertising,she does the rest!..

I AM a former "salesman" of sorts,I'm a burned out auto parts counterman ,sold paint and car parts for 20+ years,but had enough of it at age 36 ,and I quit in 1994..selling records would have been more fun,and much less frustrating,than car parts!..I guess I picked the wrong profession?..

All Rhonda needs, is to get some well deserved RADIO AIRPLAY and she'd soon be as well known as all the other artists are that are played daily--why she hasn't been "discovered" by radio, at least up here,baffles me..

I'm glad to be the one to have "turned you onto" Rhonda's great voice and picking!..

I know some other artists you'll probably enjoy as well,just e-mail me if you'd like to know who they are!..AFTER you get all of Rhonda's CD's and "Ragin Live" DVD though!..
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