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Hi All,
 Want to think you from the bottom of my heart,for your prayers, still need them very much but, our grandson (22), called us Mon. wanted to know if he could come and stay with us for a week, we went and got him after being released from the hosp. He said, he wanted to come and stay with grandma and granpa, he felt at peace in our home. We love him so much, and I can't fix his problem,  and grandmas are suppose to be able to fix anything, it hurts so bad, so prayers are still needed very much, and again thank you from the bottom of our heart, for thinking of us.

My thoughts are with you....... and Grandma, part of the "fix" is just being there for him..... probably the best medicine in the world.

Kim From MO
Linda and Whitey,
Grandparents are very special people.  You may not be able to "fix" your grandson's problem, but accepting him for who he is and loving him unconditionally like you are doing, can sure help.  My Grandparents were like that, Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Henry.  There's not a day goes by that I don't think about them and miss them.  Just keep on loving him like you do.  My prayers are with all of you.

Kim from MO
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