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I am ready for the next Bluegrass Cruise!!!! I've had enough of the cold weather

But just think, in no time it will be June 2nd and we'll have the NEW Rhonda Vincent CD to listen to while we're waiting for Sally Mountain Fest to start!!!!
Mike Garlock
Good Morning Julia & Ragers Worldwide,

    After hearing so many of the new Songs between the Cruise and Buffalo I predict this to be the best RV & R CD ever released!  I kept saying to Brenda I love that Song and she would say I love that new Song.  It went on and on.  There must not be any Computers in Florida or Sassy on a Desert Island cause there's no word from her.  Have a great day everyone.  Mike G.
Mike B

Good morning, Y'all!


Good morning ALL Mike I am here enjoying the SUNSHINE

Mike Garlock
Morning Susan,

    That sure sounds good!  It's Snowing here in NY and very Cold with Wind.  38-40 later in the Week.  It's sad when you look forward to 40...Stay in Florida as long as you can.  Mike G.
Winter isn't fun anymore...
I'm looking forward to warmer weather and summer bluegrass festivals and the ocean and THE NEW CD and seeing the Queen in all her glory!
Hurry summer!!!

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