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Miss Kitty
Has the Dawg deserted us? i havent seen much of him on the Board for some time.or maybe hecould be just out proweling around.
Fred Black

I was wondering the same thing... "Who Let the Dawg Out?"!!

Mike B

You are missed, Mr. Mike!

You certainly are missed Mike.
I pray all is well.
I think the Dawg has deserted us because i read from him on another message board about every day, maybe he thinks we dont need him any more. ( come on back home now Dawg)
Hi All,
 The Linda that wrote about the Dawg isn't the Linda from Ind. don't know the dawg, but, I have wondered where he is and have missed his messages.
 Linda from Ind.
Linda k
im Linda k & im from east moline il i dont post very often but i do read the Board a lot so from now on i will post as Linda k
Hi Linda k,
 Guess what, that is my name too lol, lol.  I am Linda Kay from Ind., pretty name, nice to meet you.
 Linda from Ind.
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