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Gentlemen, I submit to you that my wife for the past month has been the perfect little homemaker you'll ever see. Everyday she cooked, cleaned, and attended to my every whim. When she had time, she got out my book and brushed up on some of the finer things. I couldn't ask for much more. She left the toilet lid up after use. She always put the ice maker on cubed (the way I like it) Turned my bed down each night, and the pillows were always in the right place.
Made some homemade ice cream. Always had dinner on time at 5pm. The remote was where it's supposed to be....with me. Sports was on the tube daily. Heck I think she would have mowed the yard had I asked. I didn't feel like it would be fair since winter is still here, and the grass is still dormant.

Finally some peace and quiet. Watching her work is tiring. Nap time will be here soon.

Have a good day!!!!

Herby, good to have you back, after such a tiring time.

Finally some peace and quiet. 
  I hear ya!

Just wondering ........... when she turned down the bed, did she leave a towel animal and a couple of chocolates?


Herb, it must have been agonizing for her when she had to leave.

Dean the Boston Boy
Herb, Rhonda:
I gotta say you two fascinate me....
I have learned so much about acceptance, compromise and respecting each other's interest and differences from you and Rhonda, and your always funny posts. You both crack me up.
And it all works because the bonds of friendship and love between you are so obviously strong. You are souls alike...
And you still have a good thing goin'...
Blake Norman

I heard that RHONDA is planning to stop in Columbia tonight for the OU-Mizzou game.  She's got a front row seat between Jay Nixon and Jay Nixon.

Mike B
You never disappoint me, Dear Herby!  You are my HERO!!!
When I see your wife Saturday night, I will be sure to tell her how lucky she is to have a great man like you!
Just woke up from my afternoon nap, and thought I would check in.

86...She didn't make me a "towel monkey" or leave a mint on the pillow. This could be good material for the new book. You're always thinking 86. Boy, how lucky is 99 and KAOS!!!!!!

GLK...I'm sure it was tough for her to leave, but, duty calls. It's time for her to go back to work. Vacation is over!!!!!

Blake, if she had front row tickets for the game tonight, I would have let her stay another day. I know this is not true because my lil' buddy Jay would have called and had me meet him in Columbia. We'd throwed Gov Jay out of his seat, and took his popcorn too.  

Dean, I don't know how to respond to your wonderful post, so I think I'll leave it alone.

Mike B. Thanks for the "kudo's" I get all my inspiration from the great men on the message board. (and a few of the gnarly women)
Herb, that was huge win for the Tigers tonight.  I'm pretty sure that I just saw the great RHONDA VINCENT on Sportscenter.  She was in the front row at Mizzou Arena and she was standing up and taunting Norman's Blake.  She's really changed in the past few weeks.

And speaking of huge wins for the Tigers, here's a question for Mike B.  I realize that you aren't exactly the world's biggest basketball fan, but I was wondering if Auburn's thrilling come-from-behind win at Tuscaloosa brought you any joy last night.

And speaking of joy, congratulations to Sparty for winning the Big Ten championship.  Here's hoping that we don't meet again in the conference tournament!
Mike B
Gary - beating Alabama at ANYTHING is always good!!!  To be honest though, Auburn's win was more about how bad Alabama is than how good Auburn is.  The Crimson hoops program has a transitional coach, and the "Saban Factor" has changed the landscape for all coaches at Alabama.
Enough about "pseudo" sports - lets talk football!  Gene Chizik had a great recruiting class, especially for a new coach that no one really knows anything about.  Chizik has assembled the best coaching staff that Auburn has had since the Pat Dye era.  Look for good things to happen over the next couple of years.  I'm going to the Spring game for the first time in 25 years.  As luck would have it, my daughter was chosen for All-State Honor Band this year, and their concert is on the Auburn campus a couple of hours before the A-Day game.  Great timing, huh?

Thanks GLK...I'm still more concerned over the 26 point loss at Lawrence, Ks. last Sunday. If you really think you're a top 20 program, you shouldn't get beat by 26 points anywhere.
I still don't think they are a very good team. I think last night proves my point, that the Big 12 is not very good. Kansas, Oklahoma, and Mizzou could beat just about anybody, but they also have the ability to be beat by just about anybody. That's not a good formula for tournament time. I'll still stick to my original prediction on the Big 12. NONE will make the Elite 8. (might not see any of them in the Sweet 16.)

I bet the really scary part of this whole thing is when you woke up and discovered it was all a dream, huh Herby???

Thanks Katie!!!!
Katie....I wasn't sure before, but I am now. You and Julia need a double dose of my course. There's way too much sass in the 2 of you. I'm just the person to educate y'all.

Your husbands will thank me!!!!!

School's in girls......line up!!!!!
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