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Rhonda on the road.....
Hello from Nashville!

We have just left the Opry.  Many of our friends joined us at the Opry tonight backstage; then later on the Martha White Bluegrass Express, to watch the video of the "Hairy Chest Contest" from the Bluegrass Cruise.

It was great to have a chance to visit with friends we haven't seen in many months.

Had dinner with the golf team - Mike Garlock, Bill Mangini, Ed Scott, and Dear Herby, along with Hunter & Mickey.   Then it was on to the Opry.

I had a very special visit with the woman I love...Connie Smith!!
And I told her how much we've enjoyed watching the new Marty Stuart Show. 
She is one special lady.

Had a chance to talk with Ricky Skaggs. He told me what an incredible guitar player Ben is; how wonderful he is, and how lucky I am to have him as a member of The Rage.  I told him I am very thankful.

Riders in the Sky were fun to hang out with. 

I met John Michael Montgomery. He was a bit disoriented; telling people I wouldn't take my picture with him.  That's cause he didn't have a camera. 

Talked with Del McCoury, Sharon & Cheryl White, and a very long visit with the Ragin Cajun, Jimmy C Newman.  Hey Courtney...I delivered your message. 

Oh, and Bill Anderson was the first guy we ran into when we walked into the Opry.  I told him about my new song called "I Can Make Him Whisper". 

It was a very fun night. Mike Garlock took lots of photos; so hopefully he can post them to share with everyone.

I hope you have a great weekend.  We're now on our way to Fulton, MS.

See you there tomorrow!!!!   Good Night.....    

Rhonda, I was out and about tonight and turned on the Opry in the car too late. I missed you. Just got to hear Ricky's half hour segment of the Opry.
Sounds like you had a great time with everyone tonight. That is one special place! I have been backstage at the Opry once. Got to meet Bill Anderson, Hal Ketchum and The Whites. Oh, and Mandy Barnett. What a voice she has!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend. Looking forward to seeing you next friday night in Oxford, Alabama!

Hey RV,

Great job at Fulton!  I know Jerry and AJ enjoyed it very much as did I.  I just finished off a piece of AJ's pecan pie...Mmmmmm.   It was great seeing you and meeting the new members of the Rage.  Y'all sounded great!  I especially enjoyed watching all the little girls run to the line to meet you at intermission and after the show.  The look of excitement on their faces reminded me of my first bluegrass festival.  It put a big smile on my face as I stepped back and watched them giddily get their photos taken. 

If all goes as planned, I'll see y'all in Columbia!
P.S. Thanks for passing that message along.
Good Evening Sweet Rhonda!!!! Love You!!

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