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My mom made a really great tomato sauce from scratch but then she discovered that the canned tomaotes worked as well and tasted just as good!  The recipe below is exactly how she would make it on early Sunday mornings.


2 cans of any commercially available peeled tomatoes.  If you use Red Pack, get the crushed type.  You can also use the brand, Tuttorosso Italian style peeled plum shaped tomatoes.  They are packed in tomato juice, so don’t spill out the juice.  Take the tomatoes out and chop them up.  Use a large bowl to hold the tomato juice.


1 can of tomato paste






Olive Oil


Basil leaves


Pour half a cup of olive oil into a large sauce pan.  Take an onion and slice a few pieces thin.  Take a tooth of garlic, and slice it thin.  Place them on a plate and keep it to the side.


Pour in the contents of the 2 cans of peeled tomatoes, and the 1 can of paste into the blender.  Place a few fresh basil leaves in the blender and then cap it.  You can also use dried basil if you don't have access to fresh basil.  Blend the ingredients until it appears to be a creamy reddish color.  Let that set a while.


Place the garlic and onions you sliced into the sauce pan.  You want to use a medium flame and get the garlic and onions to golden.  After they golden, remove them from the pan.  You won't harm the flavor if you leave it in there so it's your choice.  My mom would remove them.  Take the cap off the blender and pour in the contents.  You are going to hear a crackle and it will almost sound like a round of applause.  When I was a kid, that's what I thought it was, as silly as it may sound.


Keep the flame low and let the sauce cook for about an hour and a half.  Stir occasionally.  This will serve about 11 people.  Enjoy.  It’s healthy and it’s good!


Yum, it sounds deliciouso!!

Kim from MO

Mmmmmmm!  This sounds delicious, can't wait to try it!  Thank you for posting it!

Karen in CA & MO
Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. I love cooking as well as most Rager's I'm sure. This might help add a cooking section to the board.
Julia....do you have your ears on ??? Maybe we could end up with a Ragin
cook book 2009. I've been trying to produce such a book within our Davis Family but it hasn't happened yet.
I know our Queen is dynamite in the kitchen but her time is limited (unfortunately) but I'm sure she and her Mom have scad's of recipes.
The more I write about it the more I think this is a go.
The cookbooks could be sold at all venue's. I would buy 10 myself.
I would love to get the ball rolling.
Rhonda....Are you in ?   Keep the Rage alive.  Karen

You are all very welcome!  I am going to experiment one day and make it with real tomatoes and see if there is a difference. If there is, I will let you all know.  I like the idea of adding a cooking section to the board and a Ragin’ Cook book!  I also have a killer recipe for meatballs!  Let me know if you all want to see it posted!

John S

A Rager's Cookbook???????????


Yea, Baby!


You just gave us the title for the book!

A Rager's Cookbook!

Kim from MO
Did you say meatballs????  Yes, I'd love to have the recipe!!!

Kim from MO
John S
Hey, Vito ... how about that meatball recipe ... I do not have a good recipe for those things. If it is too long a recipe to post, send it through email
John S
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