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Sweet Brenda
We all know prayers work.  We need them this week.

OK, here I go we had to put my Dad back into the Hosp. yesterday.  They think this time it his heart the Dr. said he was going to keep him there until fine what is going on.  I think it's about time.

Tomorrow, my brother "Skeeter" is going to get a new Kidney.  A lot of you knew 5 years ago I gave him one, with all the meds. he got a blood disorder and rejected the kidney.

We have a cousin who is a perfect match, her name is "Pam", she is a great person.   I Talked to her,she said it is a great feeling to save his life. 

God, is good and he needs to hear it from us. 

Thank you for all the prayers.
Mike Garlock

Hang in there Sweet Brenda you are surrounded by Family and Friends.  We will Pray for your Family.  Mike G.

Julia & Richard
Brenda, your entire family is in our thoughts and prayers. If you need anything let us know!

I will keep your family in my prayers!

Bill Hinson
We will be praying for you and family
Hey Brenda,

I will be sure to keep all of y'all in my prayers.  That's a real honorable thing you did for your brother.  My sister only has one kidney, and if it ever goes out, I would hope that I'd have the same courage to give her mine.

Please keep us updated on both your dad and brother.

Robert Hall
My prayers to your dad Sweet Brenda--and to Sherri and Earl,
Mark B,Louise's Vickie,and all here who need prayers today..

And one for our Queen RHNDA as well,for good health and safe travels!..

I'm so sorry to hear this.
I will be praying for your Dad, Your Brother , Pam and all the family.
God be with you ALL .

Robert, THANK YOU so much for your prayers for my Vickie.
Sure hope you are feeling better.
Tom Alman
I'm wishing you and the family all the best Brenda!!!

The Ol' Dawg

Prayers goin' up now, Brenda !!!


Brenda, Prayers going out for you and your family.

Don & Ann A

Brenda, your Dad and Brother are in our thoughts and prayers.


Oh my gosh Brenda, you certainly have a lot on your shoulders. My prayers are with you and your entire family. I hope all goes well for everyone concerned. Poor Fern must be beside herself. Give her a hug from me and let her know we are all praying for your family.We love you and if you need ANYTHING please call. Sandy & Mitchell

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