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earl austin
Am home after a week of sleeping in uncomfortable hospital chairs that make into  even more uncomfortable beds minus Friday night when I came home to check on house/dog/sleep in real bed.

Sherri is still in la-la land. She was asleep 95% of the time from Wednesday night until this afternoon. And she's still groggy/confused/in a drunken stupor in the little time she's awake. They tried to start her on semi-liquids for lunch today replacing the broth with cheese soup and the jello with pudding and the Breeze (a fruit juice version of Ensure) with Ensure. They're having to force her to eat with minimal success. She's still in quite a bit of pain (more than she lets on) and they're giving her pain meds on request instead of intravenously. They tried to sit her in a chair Saturday. She yelled so loud she must have cracked at least 3 windows and yells louder when they roll her over. Still don't know for sure when she'll go home, though I'm sure it won't be for another couple days. Then it will be back to the nursing home for a couple weeks at least.

I work Mon,Tues, Fri, Sat & Sun this week so I'll try to be more frequent with my updates this week or I'll have Sherry Frazier give updates (if she stops giving birth to baby cows long enough to get to a computer) In the meantime, if anyone wants to call THe BRATT, her bedside phone # is 816-691-1845. I won't guarantee she'll remember your call or for that matter how to answer the phone for a few days, but you're welcome to prove me wrong.

The Ol' Dawg

Prayers still goin' up for Y'all, Earl !!!

Tom Alman
My best thoughts and wishes go out to you guys too Earl!!!

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