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The Ol' Dawg





Fred Black
Ok, Dawg... you need to get yourself to a show and get some fresh photos... these generic messages are a little plain!

Tom Alman
Good afternoon Mike!   I'm late like always LOL!!!

Lol, lol, Fred I was thinking the same thing, lol, got a laugh today, I know the dawg will put one back on eventually
   Linda from Ind. 
These messages are much better than the inappropriate photos he used to post.

Good work DauGH.

Kim from MO
I'm just glad you're back! 

Kim from MO
The Ol' Dawg
Ok, Dawg... you need to get yourself to a show and get some fresh photos... these generic messages are a little plain!

Well, Y'all - Queen has made several changes this year, and the Dawg is also makin' changes. I have been notified on three separate occasions in the last several months that there has been numerous complaints about my posts - Yes, about the pictures. On two occasions, it was complaints from folks on the message board, and the last time, as recently as last Monday, from the Queen herself. Fred - I did attend a show last Friday in Oxford, AL, posted a photo from it on Monday, and had it promptly deleted, as it was not to the Queen's liking. Rhonda and Julia are very busy and work very hard - They shouldn't have to deal with this type of nonsense. The postin' of the pictures started out infrequently, and just for fun. It proved to be popular enough that folks started wantin' 'em every day, and folks requested 'em when I didn't do it daily. In short, it took on a life of its own. I was gonna quit postin' 'em a few months back, but, was encouRAGEd to continue by Rhonda. Reluctantly, I continued, but, lookin' back, it was the wrong decision.

Bottom line - Rhonda has made changes. Whether you call it a new "direction", new "phase", new "presentation", or new "whatever the heck you want to call it", she wants this to be a time of excitement and enthusiasm for Ragers everywhere. I wholeheartedly agree. I do not want my posts to be ones that alienate anybody from this board, or, lessen their enjoyment of it. The easiest way to eliminate this probem is to eliminate the pictures - Sumpthin' that I can do myself. As far as Rhonda having the picture deleted on Monday, that is fine, too. Don't blame her at all - I can certainly understand that she doesn't want pictures that she doesn't like being posted of her on the internet. Eliminating the pictures will allow her FULL editorial control over any images that I have taken of her, which is the right, fair and proper thang to do. After all, it is Rhonda's board and it should be the way that she wants it to be. As I have stated many times before, Queen's photo policy is very fair and generous, and her wishes should be respected. Therefore, there will be NO more pictures from the Dawg posted here, unless they are posted by Rhonda or Julia.

As far as the "generic" posts, that is to make a point also. They are not politically charged, interjected with opinions, or contain any excess content. They are "stripped down" to their most basic elements. They are also quite boring. Such is the case when "political correctness" reigns - It takes away the personality and generally "sucks the life" outta the post. In short, it's all about FUN - Don't take it so serious, folks !!!

My role on the board is not as prominent as it was a few years ago, and my contributions are miniscule, at best, these days. My posting will be infrequent. This will continue for the foreseeable future as my family continues to deal with serious health issues by several members - Seems like I'm the only one doin' alright healthwise, these days. I tell Y'all this 'cause there are a few folks in the Queendom who speculate on every action and relay misinformation concerning those actions. This is to clear up some misconceptions that have been "spread around" about me, and to "set the record straight". I LOVE Rhonda, Julia, the Rage and Ragers everywhere. I FULLY support the Rage 100 % - Just like I always have. I value the friendship of everybody here, and hope to continue to do so for many, many years to come. For anybody who has been offended by posts in the past, I am deeply sorry and humbly apologize. In particular, I apologize to Rhonda and Julia for the inconvenience and trouble that I have caused them.

Well - Time to get off this danged ol' tall soapbox. Y'all have a GREAT day !!!
Tom Alman
I still think you are a good, faithful and friendly Dawg. Keep on postin' buddy. If you are not wanted around here then neither am I!  Keep Raqgin' and Keep Smilin!!!

I have always enjoyed your daily humor. I am a person that enjoys fun and laughter. If I couldn't find humor and laughter in my everyday life ...I think I would just wither up and die.
I remember you from the first time I posted.
I have to say ...the board just don't seem the same without you each day.
I will be praying for your family. I have a lot of sick ones in mine as well and I know what you must be going through.
My two cents worth.

TM , my buddy....the board would never be the same for me without you each day.
Where's little Lib?...haven't seen her post in a long while.

Have a beautiful day everyone and God Bless.

Tom Alman
Where are you little Buddy???

miss kitty
Hey Dawg, i miss your humorus posts and photos of Rhonda,i also think that if some one dont like them they should just go to the next post. i also dont see any thing wrong with postn Rhondas picktures if she dont want us to see her photos then maybe she dont want us to see hera any more of her concerts or buy any more of her cds. Rhonda, i would like to read a response from you please as to why we cant post a photo of you it seems most of us like to see them.
Hello Miss Kitty:  

We love to have photos posted here.

It's the CHOICE of photos that we have been concerned with; especially in the last year.

Dawg has not used good judgment in his choice of photos.

And luckily, we are able to delete any post or photo that we feel is not appropriate; or something we just don't feel should be posted.

Our board has been viewed by soon to be 2 million.  We take pride in providing a web site that we can be proud of; and will continue to take steps to deter negative posts and photos.  

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