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i just got back from the naperville show and i got to meet Rhonda she is so sweet and kind and her Mom too, i also met Mary c and Whitey they were all so nice i hope i get to see you all again next year.
Linda aurora il

 I was there to and rhonda and her mom are the greatest people, I got a picture with my husband and Rhonda and myself and im going to stick it on the computer screen. I loved all the songs she did tonight and this afternoon and cant wait for next year.


Hi Eula & Linda!!

Great to see you!

Also great to see Whitey & Linda, Mary C,  Mary & Jim G,
Joe & Penny, and many others!!!

Can't wait for Whitey to post our photo.

It's sure been an incredible weekend.  I'm going to bed, in hopes of waking up in time for church in the morning.  Brian is singing!!!

Nighty Night from Napierville!
Mary Foster
Rhonda, what is the weather at Naperville?
Hi All,
 Eula, so sorry I missed you, don't know where I was, but, I do know where I wasn't lol, oh well, I will meet you one of these days. And yes, the show was just fantastic, the band was more than great, and a sell out crowd for Sat. (I wonder why?) they were standing up in the back. Jim, Mary, and Mary C. glad to see you guys, what great people to hang around with.
 Rhonda I have alot of good pictures, and as soon as my son-in-law comes over, and of course Pool is around, lol,  I will get them posted.Don't know why it is so hard for Whitey and I to do the picture thing, ggrrrrrrrr.
  See you next Sun. Rhonda in So. Carolina can't wait.
     Whitey and Linda from Ind.
PS Hunter you are the cutest thing, so glad I got to see you.
Don't encourage him Linda!!!

He's out of control the way it is. 

I, also, was in Naperville.  Your show was fantastic (as always).  I enjoyed hearing a few new songs...as well as the older ones.  I loved hearing you and Brian sing "Midnight Angel"...and then hearing you sing with your Mom and Brian.  Of course, Darrin did a great job on Friday.  I hope you had as much fun with your family as we did seeing you with your family.
You can be sure I'll be pre-ordering one of those CD's...

Thanks Bonnie!!!

Details will be posted soon.

Hi Rhonda!
Really enjoyed your show in Naperville last Saturday. You mentioned that your brother lives near there (so do I). Do you or your brother know of anyone that might teach banjo in the Naperville area? Since I've moved out here I haven't been able to find anyone
I know Greg Cahill from Special Consensus used to give private lessons.

I will check with him. If he doesn't, I'm certain he will know someone in the area.   I'll the contact info, and post here.

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