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Hi ALL, I just pre-ordered Rhonda's new CD, Can't wait to get it.
Thanks Whitey & Linda.

Which prize will you be selecting to submit on your raffle ticket?

Jim & Mary G

Hi Linda & Whitey---We beat cha! We ordered out new CD day Sunday. Ha Hi Rhonda Mary & Jim

Jim & Mary G

Where are you Bill and Nancy? I don't see you posting. . . are you reading but not posting? Good Morning . . . you too Mary C . . . although you are probably still traveling and visiting aren't you.


The Prizes are AWESOME!!!  Thx Rhonda and the Rage!

Rhonda, we would take anyone of those gifts and be very thankful.  Whitey would like to put one more prize on that list, be your personal chauffeur for a week, and let Herbie rest, lol.
 Whitey and Linda

Whitey, you don't have to wait to win that prize!!!

Pick me up on Thursday!!  

Getting ready to order the new cd. Actually 2 copies! One for my car, one for my husband's car. Got a question.
If the ticket comes with delivery of the cd and the cd may not come out until July and the drawing is July 9, how can we get the ticket back to Rhonda in time for the drawing? Maybe I'm just not understanding it all. Wouldn't be the first time!
Good question Mindy!

I'm talking with some other venues about joining us in offering the raffle tickets with a CD purchase.

Looks like we'll extend the raffle ticket return time; and do the drawing
later in the summer, in order to give everyone enough time to send in or deposit their raffle tickets.

The NEW Raffle Drawing and Ticket Return date is:

LUCKY FRIDAY the 13th!!!    November 13, 2009

We will draw at the Wilmington, Ohio show on 11/13/2009. 

Mailed raffle tickets must be received by  10/31/09.


OK, thanks Rhonda!
Can't wait for the cd! And the prize drawing! So where do you want to have our pre-show dinner? Maybe somewhere that has scuppernong syrup!
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