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Mike Garlock
"G" Rated Board cause it's SNOWING!

Mike G
lol, lol, Mike I know how you feel, we had snow yesterday, suppose to be nice rest of week, crazy, crazy weather.
Have a good day, see you at Sally Mtn. can't wait to meet you and yr wife.
 Linda from Ind.
Hey Mike,

The weather here is beautiful today!

They family and I, say Hello to you and Brenda
Mike Garlock
Hi Crazy AmY,

    I hope you had fun hanging all Weekend with the Wells Family!  There isn't a guy on this Board that would have switched with ya...Mike G.
Thanks Mike,

I flew in last Wednesday to suprise Eden for her birthday and have had a great time! I leave for the airport this evening and I'm sad to return.. But I will see them again, soon!

P.S. Thanks for emailing them ahead and telling I'm crazy! Cause they thought they were the crazy ones and I was normal..

See you in Sodus with the Family!
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