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Charlie K

Hunter getting a call during a show.
Charles thanks for sending pictures of my "HERO", so darn cute, nice, etc.etc. just love him, Sally you are so lucky, but, he is to.  Keep up the good work Charles.
 Linda from Ind.
Kim From MO

I love it!!!  Rhonda, I just love your hair, it was so cute on you!  (Not that your hair isn't pretty now, I just like it dark and short better!)  I can only imagine the exchange going on between Hunter and Rhonda.  I'm sure it was a scream!


Charlie, is that from the place in San Juan Capistrano where we sat in the front row?  I seem to remember Hunter answering his phone when Sally called him during the show.  I know that happened somewhere.

Charlie K

Yes, Gary, that was at the Coach House in SJC and I'm pretty sure that it was Sally calling. Good memory. And good memories, too.

Christina Boggs
Hahahaa Hunter looks soooo young!

And I love the short hair on Rhonda too (:

Gary L Kennedy
Hi, Christina. I just have one word for you........

Christina Boggs
Hahahaaa! I love how hair grows, I've had ultra short (everything was shorter than 2 inches) all the way to waist length - and everything in between.

Oh My,
 All you have to do is look at the picture on the new message board, it says it all, 'SO DARN BEAUTIFUL', so i vote long and colored.

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