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Charles Flanary
Good morning Rhonda & Herby,Sally & Tensel,Johnny & Carolyn,Mickey & Crystal,Hunter,Aaron & Amy,Ben,Danny,Richard & Julia and Rager friends around the world.I hope everybody is doing fine on this Thursday morning,just a little over a week until Easter and then maybe the weather will settle down.Rhonda have a great trip to Florida.
      Charles{Head of Rageland Security}

Good Morning Charles!

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Good Morning!!!  
Morn. Charles,
 Hope you and all, have a great day. We will be leaving early Sat. morn. for So. Carolina, can't wait, we are taking my brother and sister-in-law to there first Rhonda Vincent show Sunday.
 Please pray for Whitey and I a safe trip, will be back on here a week from today.
   Whitey and Linda
Good Morning Charles, Susan, Lib, Rhonda , whitey , Linda, Mark, Missy, Julia , John, Dean, Tom, Robert , Vito, Bluegrass Don, and to all the Rager's.

Have a Blessed day ALL.

Linda and Whitey, have a great time. I will be praying that you have a safe trip.

Good Morning William!!! time to wake up my friend.
Good Afternoon Charles!
Good Afternoon Rhonda,
Julia, Louise and Everyone!!!!
Louise...Thanks for the Coffee!
It tastes good any time of day!
I got up at 5a.m. this morning,
then got some more
around 11.
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