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Kim From MO
Another friend of mine just let me know that her 3 year old nephew is back in the hospital.  Their doctor came to their house (the doc's around here do NOT make house calls) to tell them to pack and go to the Children's Hospital at the University 30 miles away because they suspect her nephew may have leukemia.  Naturally, everything is in an uproar and they are doing all sorts of tests.  If you could keep little Grayson in your prayers, it would mean so much to their family. 

Thank you!
Kim, I will be praying for Grayson and his family.
God Bless.
Prayers are going up now.
Ann & Don A

Sending our prayers up now.


Prayers going out for Grayson and his family.

Kim From MO

Thanks everyone, I just got an email from my friend Sandi, Grayson's aunt, that the little guy will have a spinal tap and bone marrow test in the morning to determine the type of leukemia and course of treatment.  This is probably going to be the longest night in history...  Thank you for your prayers.

Hey Kim,

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's son.  I will be sure to keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers.


Hi Kim,

I too have your friend's son in my prayers.
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