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JUNE 16 2009!

..which means I get to have Rhonda sign my copy in July, and pick up a few more from her and the guys!

I'm getting more excited about Podunk every week...

Dean the Boston-to-Hartford-CT Boy

JUNE 16th 2009!!!

Robert Hall
Dean,Strawberry Park in Preston CT is closer,and Rhonda will be there on May 31st,if you could go then!--no need to wait till August for Podunk!..

I'm just hoping I get to go to either show..

Hope to see you then Robert!!  How's that hot rod doing? 

It's time you traded it in for a newer ride. 

Robert Hall
I hope your having a good morning,and the weather is good wherever you are today!..

The "Hot Rod"????...it is doing OK,it's only been out a few times in the past month,since it's long winters nap--I drive my rusty '82 GMC 4X4 plow truck in the winter,or my mom's equally rusted '93 Caravan ,so the car wont get salted and rust away,or hit,I keep it stored inside my Quonset garage all winter--it still looks like new,and runs great,just like the day you handed me the keys..Can you believe that was over FOUR years ago already?!!..

Of course time and poor roads here take their toll,and it needs some things replaced now,that probably should have been replaced right away,like rear struts and a front wheel bearing,and soon will need an exhaust system,and a battery--but it has gotten me everywhere I went in it without any troubles,despite me not replacing those things mentioned it could have used yet..

I put nearly 5000 miles on it the first year I had it,going to see you in concert, and some other shows, and trips to NH and VT,and my sister and brothers homes far away!..for a car with almost 140K on it,you'd never know it by riding in it..I've been told the engine and some of the car is made by Mazda,and it's similar to a 626..

It's great on gas,gets over 30 mpg on the highway,and it's little 2.5 V-6 can really wind up,I've even beaten V-8 Mustang GT's off the line at stoplights a few times with it!..

I had really hoped to have been able to drive it to MO for Sally Mountain,but that wasn't possible,much as I wanted to go..

Due to my health issues and last years gas prices,I didn't get to go much of anywhere in it,other than to see you perform at Strawberry Park last May,and to one other concert at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun in August--that was the only two places I got to go last year at all..

As for trading it in--I don't know if I could bear too--that car means a lot to me,every time I look at it,it reminds me of how sweet,kind,thoughtful,and generous you are,and how lucky I am to have known you,and that there are still some nice people in this world--it isn't always easy to remember that some days..
I fully agree with everything Mark B. wrote in his post yesterday about you!....

Though sometimes I do wish it were a small pickup truck,I don't see myself being able to part with it--or being able to afford anything newer,with the higher cost of insurance,excise taxes,and other associated fees and costs,with no source of income..

I don't go very far anyway,plus I don't really like "new" vehicles,I'd be happier in an antique pickup or old muscle car!--
one I can fix myself,like what I grew up with..

Unless my eyesight,which has gone downhill rather suddenly recently can be improved with new glasses ,I may not be able to drive far anymore-- reading road signs is extremely difficult,even in daytime,and night driving is becoming very hazardous for me ,and the other problems with my throat and stomach I'm still experiencing that aren't getting better don't improve,I wont be going much of anywhere..
I already had to forfeit going to more than one concert I wanted to attend badly,and a swap meet in the past month or so..-seems everything I want to go too is always 100+ miles away..
But I'll do my best be at Strawberry park if I can, you know that!..or maybe Podunk if that isn't possible..
I just pray the good Lord will let me get to see you somehow,someway again..




JUNE 16 2009

Kim From MO

That's awfully nice of Rhonda to release the new CD the day before my birthday!  Did you do that just for ME???  lol!  Can't wait to get my copy!!!


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