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Edward M. O'Brien
GOOOOOD MORNING !! (I guess) . . .
   Just finished doing the taxes  - oh, what a joy !!
Good Morning Edward!

I just finished teaching a chemistry lesson using my webcam on my laptop. After using the same laptop for 8 years, I finally got a new one today. I'm so thankful for that! There's a million more bells and whistles on it. The cd rom drive, the screen, and the keyboard on my old laptop had been broken for years now, so it's so weird being able to use them again. No complaints in this corner!

Here's hoping you have a fantastic day! I'm glad you were able to get your taxes done in time.

Good Morning Edward, Courtney and Ragers everywhere!!!

Glad to hear you got your taxes done Edward!!

Congrats on the new computer Courtney!!
Mike Garlock
Good Morning Rhonda, Rage & Ragers,

    Time to make it over that Hump today!  This is the first Wednesday after Easter, it seems funny not going to the Church today.  I guess I will just go to work early.  Everyone have a great day!  Mike G.
Jim G

Good Morning Everyone Hope everyone has a GREAT DAY!!

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