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Mike Garlock

    What's up with this Weather...It's Snowing like crazy this afternoon!  I'm ready for some more warm Weather.  Mike G.
Mike B
It's pretty bad here, too.  70 degrees and bright sunshine. 

Mike Garlock
Hey Mike B.,

    That hurts...It's been lousy here the last couple of day's.  If it was 70 here I'm leaving work now I would head straight to the Golf Course, but no I'm going to throw firewood in the Wood stove all night.  Mike G.
Hammer, it was 61 here today, but the wind blew 40 mph. Made it feel much cooler, and made my golf ball do funny things. They went right, they went left, you know...military golf.
Shot a 94, and felt worse than that.
Mike Garlock
Evening Herb,

    At least you were outside swinging away. It's been windy here all Winter long.  Feels like your in the Dakota's all the time.  Mike G.
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