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Sweet Brenda & Him
It is a great Sunday Morning here in VA.

Time for the best Bluegrass Gospel around on the Bobcat with "Sweet Brenda & Him"  7 - 10am http://www.bobcatcountryradio.com

Call us toll free 1-800-849-4146 or email us right here.
Mike Garlock
Good Morning to you Brenda & Calvin,

    We will be listening this Morning.  You know what we want to hear Rhonda Vincent, Nothin' Fancy and Williams & Clark!  You know what they say "You Can't Beat The Old Standards".  Ha Ha  Mike G.
Good Morning everyone!!
Sweet Brenda & Him
Good Morning Mike & Julia,

You know we are going to be playing the best. 
Mike Garlock

Now your Talkin' playing the Queen and thanks for Nothin' Fancy.  Mike G.

Don & Ann A.

Hi Folks, we're listening in, where it's a very warm 34 degrees F.   Wow, almost time for shorts and a t-shirt.

Sweet Brenda & Him, thanks for playing Bluegrass Gospel.

Have a GREAT Sunday.

Sweet Brenda & Him
Thank you for listening..

Hey, it is going to be 70 here today
Don A

Ann says if it's 70 degrees, she's all packed and ready to move south.   It's a long walk .................... look for her in about 13 days.

Sweet Brenda & Him

Hey, let her know I will pick her up..


late but listening to last 20 minutes

Sweet Brenda & Him
We are you are here.  

Have a great day
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