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Anita Edwards

I just have to tell everyone what a wonderful experience I had on Sunday, April 5th in South Carolina! My family and I went to see the show at Bill's Picking Parlor! WOW!! My daughter is 17 and a HUGE Rhonda fan! It was a special surprise for her! She has been through alot in the last six months and I wanted to do something special for her and taking her to see her FAVORITE, was special! My grandmother passed away in September(my daughters great-grandmother) and then my daughters grandmother just passed away last week. So you know now, why she has had a hard few months. Just wanted to thank Rhonda for singing Prettiest Flowers for us! We got to meet you after the show and my daughter was shaking!! We hope to catch another show soon. We will always remember the first time we saw you in person, though! Thanks for the show!!

Thanks Anita!  I remember you and your daughter.

Thanks for coming to the show. Hope we see you again real soon.

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