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Hi Rhonda and the Rage guys!

We were in Perry on Saturday and saw you perform and we were so impressed!! Like everyone on the Message Board says, you are so sweet to stay after and talk to fans and take pictures with everybody. My 12 yr old daughter and 7 yr old son got to take their picture with you and they were so excited!! If I knew how to post pics on here I would show it off!!! We caught both shows and we loved them. SO much great music!!!

Now, I don't want to be negative or anything, but I just have to say that the certain national act that played just before your late set took WWWWAAAYYY too long and I thought it was kind of rude to leave your guys waiting there. Of course that's just my humble opinion (But I was truly glad when it was your turn!!!!!)
So anyways, thanks again for the GREAT bluegrass music! Hope to see you guys again soon!
Rhonda, too
Hi Rhonda!!  I remember you.  Your son said you were Rhonda with an "h" too.  :-)

Great to see you!  You can email the photos to me at   rhonda@rhondavincent.com

OR...you can set up an account at http://www.photobucket.com

Upload your photos, then copy the IMG link and paste it here in a post.

The photo will come up when you post your message.

In fact, there is a thread that tells how to post the photos.

I'll see if I can find it, and bump it to the top.

Good Luck...can't wait to see your photos.

Thanks!! I will give it a try! They did turn out cute! My son couldn't understand why we couldn't just hang out right there at the bus and talk to you all afternoon!! We listen to your live album over and over in the car and all my kids just feel like they know you!!! They LOVE Bluegrass Express and Muleskinner Blues!! It would be great if we could post audio clips and I could let you hear them sing those tunes! It's a riot!!
Please do.  That would be adorable.

You can post audio if you have a myspace account.

There is probably another way to do it?

How about it computer guru's out there???  

I'd love to know how to post audio and video too??

Can we post it to the board?

Hey Pool,

Thanks for the info. on rapidshare. That's pretty neat!  I'll have to save that site.

As far as video goes, I think if you copy and past the IMG Code into a post on the message board, it will show a picture of the video.  When you click on the picture though, it'll take you to the video on photobucket and start playing automatically.

Let's give it a shot...

Did it play when y'all tried clicking on it?  It works when I do, but I don't know if that's because I am logged into photobucket under my account.

Jim Simmons

It Works Courtney !!


What a precious little boy and a great dog!

Ok, so here's my first attempt!! (This may take more than one!!) If this works, you should see my daughter and son with Rhonda Vincent. Will work on the posting of the audio but I think we have opened up a whole new world on the ol' message board!!!

WOW!  That's such an awesome picture!!  Thanks for sharing it with us.  I'm so glad your son and daughter had such a wonderful time at the show.  The looks on their faces is priceless.
Charlie K

Cute photo, Rhonda too. And Courtney, that video worked good. I'm gonna have to try that some time, too.

Rhonda V
Way to go!!!  Awesome photo.  Thanks for sharing.
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