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Ben Hughes
...no Ragin'!

How is everyone?

-Ben Hughes

Kim From MO
Ben, so good to hear from you!  How is school going?  Are you going to make it to Sally Mt. this year?  I miss seeing your posts on the MB but I know school comes first!  STILL waiting for spring to come to Missouri--of course, by July, I'm sure to be whining about the heat, humidity and mosquitoes!!

Take care Ben!
Ben Hughes
Hi Kim!
School is really great down here in Savannah - and it's nice and WARM!
I don't know what our plans are for Sally Mountain this year, but it would be nice to get there. Yay for the Ghetto/Hood!
School really has been eating away at my social online time, but that's OK. It's worth it
Thanks for the reply Kim! Miss you lots!

Kim From MO

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