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Uncle Pen's Friend
For those that plan on attending the Gettysburg festival and are staying at the Carroll Valley Resorts (Liberty Mountain Resorts) you may want to check to see if you reservations are going to be ok.   I was just informed, this morning during shift change at work, that there was a multiple alarm fire there over night.   I'm not sure of the extent of the damage and I will post any information that I may find in the news.  


I just called Liberty Mountain and there was no fire there.  Don't scare me like that, lol.

Uncle Pen's Friend
Let me apologize for scaring you Harry.    The confusion lies in the fact that there are two resorts on the same entrance way.    The Carroll Valley Resort is a smaller resort closer to the road off to the right and The Liberty Mountain Resort sits back farther off the road.     They are .23 miles from each other.   Apparently a lot of people think they are the same place but they aren't.    I do believe the fire was at the Carroll Valley Resort.   At least that is what night shift said. 

That's the one that all the Priests stay at during their retreat in May.  I'm sure the good Lord will provide for them.

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