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I just realized....when I leave tomorrow, I'll be singing 10 consecutive days.


I mean...this is a perfect schedule, that EVERY GIRL dreams of...

it's exactly What A Woman Wants To Hear!!!  

5/14 - Departing Nashville
5/15 - Gettysburg, PA - w/Next Best Thing
5/16 - Amelia, VA
5/17 - Cary, NC
5/18 - Richmond, VA - (Private Military Reception)
5/19 - Richmond, VA - (Private Military Performance - 7:30am -
Rv singing
The National Anthem, God Bless The Soldier, & Till They Came Home)
5/20 - Branson, MO - Silver Dollar City  w/Next Best Thing
5/21 - Branson, MO - Silver Dollar City  w/Next Best Thing
5/22 - Nashville, TN - Grand Ole Opry
5/23 - Sparta, TN - with Williams & Clark Expedition & Nothin' Fancy

Mike Garlock
Hi Rhonda,

    Don't you know "He Wrote The Book On Booking"!  Mike G.
Keith Hamilton
I don't know who did but that is a lot of singing.  Hope the voice holds up.

Oh one day I just pray I have that many gigs in 10 days!  I just don't see how you do it!  How did you do it when your daughter was little?


I can answer that Amanda... I took care of them. They stayed at home with Dad. I took them to school functions, ball games, fixed them meals, did the laundry and housework. It was miserable. I wouldn't recommend it for anybody. We survived, but maybe a little scarred.

SO we have proof that you DO know how to do laundry!!!!!!
Well my husband complains about the same thing..."your always bluegrassin'"...he kept the kids while we were at the Florida State Festival in Perry, FL and when I came home he was bout crazy.  But.... (and a big but)..he's been hunting since we got married and goes off all the time..so I've got 12 years to make up! :0)

I keep telling him..maybe I'll make it big one day and your won't have to work...as much...
Mike Garlock

I can answer that Amanda.  Men are born Hunters.  Woman are born Gatherer's.  Your Husband will keep Hunting and you can keep Gathering!  That is from Dear Herby's first Book.  Chapter 13 page 289.  "Why Woman Collect".  Mike G.

Well I'll be gathering ..........pickin' time! :0)

He's really gonna have a fit when we start recording our album...cause we're gonna have to travel to Nashville for part of it...

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