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I arrived with time to spare at the Atlanta Airport.

Went swiftly through security, checked the monitor to find my gate is C6, and there; just so I would know where it was.  When I arrived, the monitor said my flight was D1. So I decided I could easily walk to the next concourse.  Got over to D1, only to look at the monitor and see it read C6.  So I walked BACK to C6. As I walked back; the monitor now showed my flight delayed, and without a gate assignment.

SO..... I continued walked to C6; and I went up to the counter, and ask which gate my flight would be leaving from. The lady called, and they said definitely D1.   And, she recommended E concourse for the best restaurants.

SO.......I took the tram to E concourse; ate a few bites of a terrible airport dinner. Then went to Starbucks and bought a yogurt with granola. Yummy.

Then....I walked all the way to D1. 

And as you can now guess, my gate was changed AGAIN!!!

It now says D11.  So I am now waiting at D11; and I told them I was going to be VERY UPSET if I missed my flight because they can't decide with gate we should leave from.

My flight is delayed, so I am sitting in wait, listening to bluegrass on http://www.worldwidebluegrass.com ; and hoping my gate doesn't change anymore.

BUT...it could be worse. Another lady was trying to get to Kansas City, with a broken foot; and they changed her gate on her too.  Hopefully she made it over to C6, cause that's the last gate they told her, while she was standing here at D11.  :-)

On the bright side, we enjoyed a very warm and wonderful day at Fort Benning.  My tummy is full, and I have a great bluegrass show to listen to.

Have a great evening!!!


Kim From MO
I flew into Atlanta in October when I went to training in Columbia SC.  We came back on Oct. 31....lots of folks in costumes at the airport....what an adventure that was!!  Hope they get your gates straightened out!
Gate Update.....

Just as our flight SHOULD  HAVE  departed from gate D11........

they announced that our gate had been changed to C5. 

So I, along with 100 other passengers, just RAN from D11 to C5;
only to find that our plane isn't even here.

What are the chances it will  be changed AGAIN before we actually leave the airport?????


They thanked us for participating in their new WELLNESS EXERCISE PROGRAM!!  :-)

At least they have a sense of humor about it. They apologized for the gate changes; and promise that we will board from gate C5 shortly.


The adventures of Rhonda Vincent!!

Must be flying DELTA....(Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport) No wonder folks in Georgia are so skinny....they get lots of excersize when they fly.

Brother Steve and I are batching it tonight. Mom and Dad are headed to Columbia to the hospital tomorrow. Dads not been feeling well for the past month. (stomach) Going in to check all the plumbing at Columbia Regional.

Fixed supper (salad and shrimp) for Steve and myself tonight. Then mowed the yard, washed both cars. Have to get up at 5:30 to cook him breakfast before he goes to the workshop in the morning. Looks like sausage and waffles are on the menu from the Boss. I'd better head to bed early tonight.

The Queen will be so proud when she gets home in the morning. She'll have dishes, and laundry ready for her immediate attention.

Sure hope her plane isn't late....I'd hate to see her miss out on all this fun.

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!
:-) Wouldn't it have been quicker to come in on the bus to Nashville and fly out of there!!

Travel safe Gal!
Mike Garlock
Good Morning Rhonda, Rage & Ragers,

    I was reading your Post about the Atlanta Airport and Brenda will think this is scary...She must be flying Delta out of Atlanta.  Never, never, never fly Delta out of Atlanta.  Good luck Rhonda.  Mike G.
I was flying Air Tran. My first experience on that airline.

The good part about it....I listened to SIRIUS XM Bluegrass during the entire flight!!!

The rest......well you know the rest of the story.

Rockin' Robin
Welcome to Atlanta airport.  I have NEVER in all my years of flying had a smooth sailing experience.  NEVER!  And to make matters worse, they don't fly South West into ATL .  Glad you made it home safe and sound and are getting ready to head out again!
Matthew Waldron
This doesn't suprise me, and people who are NOT familiar with Atlanta Airport, From D11 to C 6 is requiring a long trip to the underground rail system and going from one concourse to the other.  Standing in the MIDDLE of one concourse, the end looks like a 3X5 postcard.

This among many other stories are typical here.  Glad you got to your destination, Rhonda!
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