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I've spent A LOT of time in the car in the past 6 days so I've had some time to listen to lots of music.

Of the 11 hours I drove back to Louisiana yesterday, I listened to Destination Life about 7 of those hours. I can't even tell you the last time I've done something like that! I listened to it at first and said "Wow, that's really good!" and then I listened to it again, and thought "WOW that is REALLY good!" Next thing I knew, I had been listening to it over and over again for about 4 hours so I made myself take it out and put in another CD. Needless to say, that didn't last long because I was chomping at the bit to put "Destination Life" back in the CD player.

In fact, i'm sitting here at work typing this and listening to the album yet again. haha

Every single one of these songs has the potential to be a HUGE hit! I don't think I can pick a favorite anymore. I love them all!!!

The sound quality is UNREAL. You'd swear Rhonda was singing in the room with you when the CD is on! As someone who works in radio, recording quality is a big part of how I judge an album. The recording quality of this album is unbelievably good!!

If you are even remotely on the fence about buying this album, trust me when I say that it would be a huge mistake for you not to buy it. The harmonies are great, the pickin' is great, and the singing is incredible. I really do think it's going to be a great success!

Congratulations to Rhonda, Mickey, Hunter, Ben, and Aaron on a great recording!!
Whitey/Linda Reath
Courtney, my sentiments exactly! a great CD.
 Hope you have a great day at work, been there done that, happily retired for 3 yrs. now.
 Linda from Ind.

Oh Rhonda...did you hear what Courtney had to say????? "The tones are really great"...Tell 'em Honey...Tell 'em how that happened....

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