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I woke up early....MUCH too early.  Insurance agent was in our drive way, making sure there wasn't any damage to our area; on his way to a house with damage.  I couldn't imagine what Dear Herby was doing out of bed so early.

His Dad was also at the end of the drive way, helping the trash man, load the trash into the garbage truck.  (I was thinking...now how many people actually help the gargage truck to gather the garbage)  :-) 

We're just glad Herb Sr is starting to feel better.

I got up, but OH it was difficult. I'm very very tired.

The phone started ringing as soon as I woke up; just as the news of the tornadoes hit the news channels. 

I packed everything together, as I talked on the phone to each caller.

Herb was greeting everyone outside; including a stray dog that has taken up residency on our front porch. 

I finally left Kirksville at 9am; now knowing that I must drive the extra 30 miles through Sherry Frazier Country.  It was going to be close; and a real gamble whether I would make it to the airport in time for my flight.

In the middle of no-where, a light flashed on  LOW FUEL. I looked at the gauge. It was completed on empty. Not even in the red.
I was in trouble, and would NOT make my flight, if I ran out of gas.

As I looked up, there was an exit with a station, right at my turn on I-35.


As I circled the pumps, they all had yellow bags that read "OUT OF ORDER". I couldn't believe my eyes.  I managed to find ONE PUMP that was working.
Quickly started the pump....ran inside to powder my nose...

To be continued.....my flight is leaveing....


The big Rhonda Vincent lesson, for all time:

Life is an adventure and a journey - take it. 

Everything can be turned into something positive... even if it means laughing at yourself a little.

I try to find this in myself more often but it ain't easy.

If more people could find this quality in themselves, this would be a much nicer world.

Enjoy your next adventure!

Oh my gosh! hurry plane hurry, I can't wait.  This story is so exciting Rhonda! but, guess what? I know it turned out ok, because it is you, and the angels are watching over you.
 Linda from Ind.
......HELLO from the Martha White Bluegrass Express!

As you probably already know....everything turned out great.

I got to the airport, parked, made it to my gate, boarded the plane just in time.

Great flight to Nashville. 

We're all on our computers here on the bus.  Mickey took a photo. He thought it was pretty funny to see Aaron, Ben, and I all talking; but also on our computers at the same time.

It's bed time. I've very sleepy....and very excited. I had several calls from the girls. They just made it to PA. They've ask me several times if I was going to be at their show in the morning.

Hopefully we'll arrive by 11:15am, when they take the stage.

I'll be the proud mom on the front row, with my camera.

Hope to see you in GETTYSBURG!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Mary C.

I look forward to seeing Next Best Thing tomorrow! Also you and the Rage!!! Sounds like the girls are excited.

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