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Please keep my niece (39 yrs old, married, mother of two beautiful daughters) in your prayers.
A week ago Friday, she went in for a routine exam, and they found a lump in her breast. She went into surgery last Monday to remove the tumor and have a biopsy. On Thursday, she go the news that it was malignant. On Friday, she had more tests (MRI, Cat Scan, Bone test), and will visit the Oncologist next Wednesday. I can only hope and pray that they got everything.... otherwise, it will require massive treatment.

Thanks Rager Family......

Hi Katie,
 I will have her in my prayers, my sister went through the same thing 4yrs. ago, and hon, she is cancer free, "Praise God", prayers are going up for her now.
     Linda from In.
Katie your neice will be in my Prayers.
Hey Katie,

I'll be sure to keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated.
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