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Here's the incredible porch glider I was telling Mary about in the Chat last night.

I LOVE this chair. It glides very smoothly.

I've bought 4 of them so far.

They are $199 here in Kirksville at Westlakes.  You have to pay extra for them to put them together.

I also bought awesome rockers. But I don't seem them on that page.

Mike Garlock
Hi Rhonda,

    They look very nice, but could add a Cushion for me?  Mike G.
Mary C.

Thank you for the information!

I bought the "Better Home & Gardens" cushions from Wally World!! 
Robert Hall

No need to pay extra to have them assembled--not to boast,but I'm pretty good at putting mechanical things together I buy in pieces,like garden tractors ,trucks etc.. (AKA as "basket cases")-and fixing things everyone else threw away, because they were "beyond repair"..
--I would  be happy to put them together for you ,no charge!.....if I only were there....
....are you sure you couldn't use a handyman??

Oh wow Robert!  That would have been great.

I paid them extra, cause he originally told me the lawn chair rockers only had 4 bolts.

When I opened the box, out spilled 16 bolts and 11 pieces.

I loaded it back into the car, and took it back for Louie to assemble.

He's assembled 4 of the gliders for me; and 7 lawn chair rockers.

Come try one out at Sally Mountain!!!

Robert Hall
Rhnda,you dont know just how much I'd love to go to Sally Mountain!..

I would bring my guitar and serenade you on the porch !..
(even though I cant play a note on it--you'd have to teach me how..)...

I really need to get away from "hme",things here aren't going well for me..
My mother and I aren't getting along too well at all,and I need a vacation from this place BAD!..in fact,I'd like to go away and STAY away!..

In a few hours though,I must go bring my glasses back where I got them,they aren't helping me see any better than my old ones were--I hope the place doesn't give me a hassle ,looks to me like I'll need to have another eye exam and another pair made,and my insurance only covers one exam a year,and I cant afford to pay for another pair again either!..hope they will stand behind them,and make things right..
...been feeling a lot like Mr. Magoo lately!..
..it took them 28 days to get my last pair done,I certainly hope it wont take that long again..driving and reading has been very difficult !.

 I have also been having a bad time with my throat and stomach again the past week....
I'm not so sure I'd be up to traveling that far to MO,but if I dont get there this year,chances are I wont be feeling any better a year from now or be any better off financially either,if I'm here at all by then..it would be my last chance to go..
..but I'd hate to get all the way out there, and end up not feeling well, and not being able to enjoy myself too..

I'd have been in Nashville this week, and had my plans all made to be at your party if I were feeling good,believe me..

When I went to CT to see you,I felt fine all that day and night,and I had doubts I'd be able to hang in there that long --but your songs and meeting you again made the time pass quickly--your the best medicine Rhonda!..
Soon as I got closer to home though,I felt lousy again,like the place is cursed or something...Seriously,another winter in this place like the last one I just endured is going to finish me off, I'm sure of that..

But I'd sure love to go "swinging" with you Rhonda!.  ..remember the song
John Anderson sang ??.."I'm up here on the front porch just -a- swang-in!.."

The gliders  only have 16 bolts?..geez,that's too easy!..
you out to try putting a big block Chevy V8 motor together
-- that's in pieces!....and have it RUN right after wards!..

Hope you have a fun Friday Rhonda,looks like you'll be a very busy lady !..Take care and God bless!. I'll be wishing I was there!..


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