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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone is planning on going to CMA Music Fest?  I will be there and I noticed Rhonda will be at the Martha White Booth and Bluegrass Booth signing on June 12th.  I looked on CMA Music Fest website at the exhibitors and I don't see them listed....I was trying to find out the booth numbers so I could prepare.  Anyone have information on this?  Also I see it's listed that she will be at he Sommet Center which I assume is one of the outside stages and then her record release party at 2:00 pm in the Ernest Tubb Record Shop.  Is the release party open to public and does anyone know if she's signing?  I appreciate any information, thanks!

Hi Kim,

The Martha White booth will be at the Family Zone in downtown Nashville, around 2nd Ave and Broadway. Look for the Martha White Bluegrass Express which will be parked in that area as well.

The Bluegrass booth is actually called "IFCA" International Fan Club Association. According to CMA's website, that's booth #800. I'll be helping out at that booth all week and will be there when Rhonda is signing.

Yes the Sommet performance is outside near the Sommet Center.

The Fan Club Party is free and open to all!

See you there!

Thanks so much for the reply, I appreciate the information!  I look forward to meeting Rhonda since I had her song "I Give All My Love To You" played during my wedding last fall.  Thanks again!

Hi Kim!!

We look forward to seeing you at the CMA World Fest.

I'm gonna need an extra sweet tea that day; or maybe a Mountain Dew!!

10:45am - Martha White Booth in the Family Zone.
(They will have "SPIN THE MARTHA WHITE WHEEL- where you can win Martha White Prizes)

I'll be running from here to:

11:15am - Convention Center - Bluegrass Booth - signing. There will be (while supplies last, the large posters from Walnut Creek that was cancelled, and now a collectors item.) 

1:15pm - Performance at the Sommet Center - Chevy Stage -
This performance will also be broadcast LIVE on SIRIUS XM Radio on one of the country channels; and later on the Bluegrass Channel.

2:00pm  -  The Broadway Ernest Tubb Record Shop for a celebration of the release of "Destination Life".  This is only the 2nd location where you will receive a FREE Raffle Ticket with the purchase of the new CD, only during the release party.

Looks to be a great day.  Hope everyone can join us!!

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