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Sally & Hunter's doggy, "Benny", met his fate today, as he ran into the road.

We sadly say goodbye to Benny. He was a very sweet dog, and many of you may have met him at Sally Mountain Park.

We sure loved him, and will miss him so much!  

This is so sad. I really liked little Benny...he was a sweetie.
Sweet Brenda

Sally, I'm so sorry I know how you feel.

Hugh Lisa Craig

Craig love Benny  . Benny  gave kiss to  Craig when Craig was at Aunt Sherrys place. Hugh  Lisa Craig

Sally, I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so hard to lose a family pet.
Gloria B

I am so sorry about the your loss. These little animals can sure get closer then some relatives!  They are  our other babies.  we have had this one for 3yrs.  But the one before Lucky , we had  one for 16yrs. It hurts when someting happens.


So sorry to hear about Benny!

I'm sorry to hear about Benny.

We had to have our Yorkie put to sleep about a month ago.  She was 18 years old and held on as long as she could.  They are family members, no doubt. 

It definitely leaves a void so we picked up our newest member of the family Friday.  She is a 6 week old Yorkie and weighs 1lb.  She has brought a lot of joy into our house this weekend, especially for my Dad, who took it the hardest when we had to have our other dog put to sleep.

Sally and Hunter
Thank you all for the support. It has been a very hard day for us. Benny was the light of our life and we are deeply sad to see him go, but he could always put a smile on our faces. He was the happiest dog I'd ever seen. We miss him dearly and laid him to rest in the field he always loved to run through. I can see him from the kitchen window and I think about him always. As Hunter and I shed our tears of sorrow, we know he's in Heaven with Clarence playing and running free. Benny was a special dog and I'm absolutely heartbroken to see him leave. He was our baby and we love and miss him soo much. May he rest in peace.

Sally, Hunter, and Dolly

Jim Hughes
Sally and Hunter... (and Dolly)
I am so saddened by the sudden and tragic loss of Benny.    He was a great dog for sure.  Even though it took some time for him to feel comfortable with most folks, once he got to know you and liked you, well...  then you were all set with a good friend.
Benny also served as a dedicated and professional member (only member ) of the K9 division for the Sally Mountain Division of Law Enforcement.    Most Law Enforcement K9's have the ability to detect explosives or drugs, etc...   However, Benny was specially trained to sniff out and detect folks having a great time at the Sally Mountain Bluegrass Festivals...    He will be terribly missed and impossible to replace...
Jim Hughes
Video of Benny
Robert Hall
I'm very sorry to read about poor Benny,how sad to lose him that way..
My condo-lances to Sally,Hunter,and all of the family who will miss him..

It's hard losing a pet,sometimes I think I bond better and get along with animals better than people,some you develop almost a telepathic bond with,and it's like you know what they are thinking,and they also can tell when your in a sad mood or angry,or happy,without saying one word..

I have had the grim task of burying some of my own pets too,and many stray cats we "adopted" here..I dread the day I lose my two indoor cats "Kit-Kat" and "Puff-Puff"( and my mom!)..I hope I go first..

Saturday night,the one stray female cat out of a dozen or more we had here at one time ,that we could not trap and send out to be neutered,showed up with 4 "new" kitties at the feed bowl.. great,just what we need,more cats and neighbors angrier with us!
.I'm hoping the lady from the MSPCA who helped me get all of the other strays caught and "fixed" can catch them and get homes for them--last year she had a litter too,I think coyotes got two of them,and I later learned the neighbors next door "adopted" two of them (who used to be "good"friends
 of mine,until their complaints about the strays led us to go our separate ways--go figure!..)..

Hunter & Sally,
Dolly too, I'm so sorry about little Benny.  It's so hard to lose a beloved pet.  I lost my baby in April after having him 15 years.  My thoughts are with you.
Gary K
Sally, Hunter, and Dolly,

I am very sad to hear about the loss of little Benny.  He was a wonderful dog and will be greatly missed by all of us.

Lynn Roberts

My heart goes out to you. It is very hard to lose a pet.

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