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Gary Kennedy
Like many other Ragers, I am eagerly looking forward to the 5th Annual RHONDA VINCENT Fan Club Party and the 23rd Annual Sally Mountain Bluegrass Festival.  It's always a thrill to see the great RHONDA VINCENT performing with the Rage and the Sally Mountain Show, not to mention the Rager Band.  Yes, definitely don't mention the Rager Band!

I am also excited to see the Next Best Thing once again.  They did a great job at Graves Mountain and I was extremely proud of them.  It was great to chat with Sally and Tensel after their outstanding shows.

You can always count on a big Rager Reunion at Sally Mountain, so I'm looking forward to seeing many of my Ragin' pals and meeting some new ones.

As you know, Herby, I spend a great deal of time on political issues and world events.  Sally Mountain is the one time during the year when I always like to take a break from all of that.  For five days, I don't want to read, think, talk, or hear anything about politics!  I can't wait!

See you at Sally Mountain Park!
Charlie K

WHAT? No political drama in the Rager ghetto?? No Liberal vs. Conservative fisticuffs around the campfire?? Forget it! I'm not coming this year!!!!

I'm with you Charlie K. I think I will stay home also.

I think GLK is a little intimidated going on the road. Get him away from his comfort zone, and he goes in to a slump. Clams up....gets the "yips"...short strokes the jumper....shanks the punt.

I was looking forward to some "home field advantage" with the "Hammer" backing me.

The transformation from left of left to the right side of the world was going to be a challenge, but we felt we were up to the task.

Oh well, this will be the first SM I've ever missed. Maybe I could go hang out with Harry.
Wow! No political talk at Sally Mountain AND Herby staying home???? This is a WIN WIN situation for me

Julia, it's your LUCKY DAY!  I'm still going to Sally Mountain.

You're welcome, Julia!

Dear Herby, you seem to be forgetting that I have vast experience debating the mighty john kasich.  After living with me for one school year, he went to the polls and cast his ballot for the great George McGovern.  At least that's what he told me.

So I'm certainly not intimidated about debating the Hammer and the Sickle.  It's just a matter of wanting to relax, enjoy the great music, and all of our wonderful friends.  Herby, I'm coming to Missouri to hear the great RHONDA VINCENT sing, not to educate people who don't even want to learn.  I could spend five days trying to bring you around to politically correct thought, but so far I haven't seen any signs that you're willing to listen to reason.  I don't want to pull out onto Highway W on Sunday morning feeling like I've completely wasted my vacation.

By the way, if you could use your clout to get the name of that road changed, I would be very grateful.  It makes it sound like a road that's leading us nowhere.
Kasich is a wimp at debating compared to "Dear Herby" and the "Hammer."

I understand your unwillingness to debate here in Missouri. We have a saying here in MO. for guys like you...."all blow, and no show" or just plain "Yeller"

But that's OK...I'll stay home, so we won't be tempted to school you for your conversion to the right.
Your opinion of W is duly noted. I have some for you on our current leader.

But we can talk about the national debt, stimulus packages, and spineless leadership at another time.

I prefer you to enjoy SM, and concentrate on the Rager Band performance at the ghetto.

I'll avoid any opportunity that may come my way. I'll be a good boy!!!

BTW...Uncle "George" Vincent used to live on "W" near the "Bush" at the corner of "walk and don't walk."

See you in a couple of weeks. Drive, or fly carefully!!!!!!!
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