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We've made it to Greenwood.

Definitely not the same ride as usual.

Our Martha White Bluegrass Express is proudly displayed downtown Nashville.

It's time for load in, sound check, and preparation for an 8pm show!!!!

Hope to see you tonight!!  

Hi Rhonda,
 Hope you have a great show tonight, we will see you tomorrow in Nashville.  Then will see you Sat. in Dayton, with our friends.  
 Whitey and Linda
Sounds great Whitey & Linda!

I talked with the Goodmans from Iowa yesterday, Jimmy G and Merry Mary.

They too are on their way to Nashville tonight after Jimmy G gets off work; to join us for a whirlwind day in Nashville and in Dayton on Saturday.

I look forward to seeing you!!!!

Be sure to come see me in the morning at the Martha White Bluegrass Express, and SPIN THE MARTHA WHITE WHEEL!!!  

Hey Goodmans, glad you are going, can't wait to see you again, Jim are you doing cart-wheels in the living room?? lol, lol, Whitey is.
 See you Fri. morning
   Love ya Linda and Whitey

Hi Rhonda, Willie B from Greenwood Sc here! Just wanted to stop in and tell you what a great show Y'all put on for us last night here in the Gwood!Thanks for making the long haul into town and hope y'all made it back for your Fanfest appearances today safe and sound. It was such a wonderful change of pace to see and hear great acoustic music. the fishers of Men encore alone was more than worth the price of admission. Hope you enjoyed our little town and hope to see you back in our area again soon. A fan! WillieB

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