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We the undersigned do solemnly swear to participate in absolutely no political discussions during the 5th Annual RHONDA VINCENT Fan Club Party and the 23rd Annual Sally Mountain Bluegrass Festival.  Furthermore, if we hear anyone discussing politics within 100 feet of the festival, we will immediately report the violators to the Prez so that she can turn them over to the Office of Rageland Security.  Anyone found gulity will be strapped to a chair and forced to listen to the Rager Band for three consecutive nights.

1. Gary Kennedy
Boy, I wish I was going so I could violate the code so I could be turned over to the Prez and "be forced to listen to the 3 consecutive nights of the Rage"! What pure torture that would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope that attend will enjoy themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nothing was said about the 15 mile trip between K-ville and SM..........at 10 MPH, a guy could get in a lot of good shots.

2. Herby Sandker

Tom, that is Rager Band Not Rage  

Tom!! I will be thanking about you buddy lol.
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