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I love the thought of Rhonda recording a Gospel CD. Have hoped she would do this one day , but I am still so excited about "Destination Life " at the moment.
I went on a road trip yesterday and played it over and over again.

My thought's!
I can make him whisper I love you, reminds me of the Connie Smith days.
Love this song.

I carried my Sis , who was feeling really bad , her copy and she was so excited that I just know it made her feel better.

As much as I tried , I can not find a favorite .I LOVE  Each and every song , It is just impossible for me to have a fav.

Very rare to have a CD that you LOVE every song equally.

The RAGE are all awesome.
I think this is the BEST Rhonda has ever recorded and all the ones she has recorded in the past were over the top.
Destination Life , in my opinion, is way, way over the top of excellence. 

 Have a great Friday Rhonda , Julia and ALL Rager's.

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