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Smithville that is
Good Morning Julia, I was sleepless in Crawfordsville too, was on the comp. about the time you were.
Must have been something in the air last night.

I woke up very early, and thought I would never go back to sleep.

It's going to be a very long, sleepy day. 

Time to get up and get those hot rollers steaming!!!

Good Morning!

Ironically, I wasn't the sleepless one this time! I got bit by a spider last night and it was itching like crazy so I took 2 benadryl. I was already exhausted (I can't seem to catch up on sleep from Sally Mountain), so that Benadryl hit me like a train! I passed out for 12 hours! Katherine had to jump on top of me repeatedly and get the dog to wake me up this morning.

Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful day!!!
Mike Garlock
Hi Girls,

    I wore a Sweatshirt to Work this Morning and had the Heater turned on in the Car.  It is July isn't it?  Warning to any Northeast bound Travelers...bring a Sweater!  Mike G.
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