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Larry Weldon
My wife and I want to thank you so much for all you've done to make our first visit an unforgetable experance!!!!!  I hope that Rhonda realize just how much you do for them!

1. Thanks for getting us a ride to the fun club with a wonderful lady that I hope she has found a job by now!

2. Seems like were ever I went you was doing something from daylight to dark everyday! Again I just want to be one to just say thanks!

3. When we first walked in the club our pic was taken with Rhonda, we have been looking for them to show up on line, but to no prevail. We have some pics also to share, just need to know were to put them
Hello Larry

Nice to see your post was very happy to give you a ride

Still doing part time work

Pictures of the fan club party are on an old post i will try to find it and give it a bump to the top it has a link

the easiest way to post several pictures to Photo bucket or facebook or other sites and then post the link on the message board

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