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Why do bluegrass artists avoid Texas and especially the DFW area?  I love your music and have many friends just finding out what a great artist you are.  We have so many wonderful venues here but it seems to me that we never get the bluegrass greats.  Hope you will visit soon.
Hi Mark!

I remember the Frisco area hosting the Frisco Bluegrass Festival in 2006 and 2007.  They had some great acts including Rhonda and the Rage, Ricky Skaggs, Claire Lynch, Williams and Clark Expedition, and Cadillac Sky.  I don't believe the festival exists anymore due to poor attendance.  It's a shame because it was a ton of fun! 

Hopefully, they'll be able to get more bluegrass acts booked in the area soon!

If you know of anyone with a venue, be sure to tell them you want to see more bluegrass acts.  Maybe you can help get the ball rolling on it.
Kimberly Williams
Hello Mark!
You should check out the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation in that area.  Alan Tompkins was the driving force behind the Frisco Bluegrass Festival and is the driving force behind the foundation.  He is a great supporter of Bluegrass Music and even hosts his own radio show.  

I can't speak on behalf of Rhonda, but when our band recently performed in Montgomery, TX, I searched for venues in the DFW area and the problem was that although there were some great venues, the pay would not have even covered our band's expenses. 
I am a native Texan and nothing would have made me happier than to stay in Texas for a solid month if we could have made it work monetarily.

Back to Alan Tompkins...here are some links to the foundation and his radio show.  That should put you in the right direction for finding some good bluegrass in the area.

Bluegrass Heritage Foundation

Bluegrass Heritage Festival

Bluegrass Heritage Radio Show

Acoustic Music Camp

Hello Mark,

My Dad and I put on a festival of bluegrass music each year in Ohio, and believe me I hear all the time there are not enough venues for bluegrass and we should put one on more than once a year.

I know of no band that "avoids" a particular area.  The problem is a lot of people believe the bands play for fun, and any money they get is just gravy. The bands do love the music, however there is the expense of getting to the venue, paying band members, and staying overnight if the distance is great.  I don't think any get into it to become rich, but it is like everything else.  If you are going to do it, especially on a full time basis which is what it would be if you travel great distances, one would expect to make a decent living. 

Then there is the expense of putting on the show.  Even with just a couple of bands, there is the sound system, the venue itself, insurance, advertising and a host of other expenses you don't even realize until they crop up.  These only multiply if you have multiple bands as we do.

All of these expenses have to be spread over the cost of the tickets, and the only way to keep ticket prices down is to increase attendance.  If you price them for what the market will bear and not enough people attend, well then you have lost money.  No one can do that for very long.  It is the same with the band fees if they do not charge enough. 

There are sponsors that will help defray some of the costs, but even they do not do it on a lark.  Most do it for advertising their goods, and if the venue does not bring in enough of the right demographics, they will not consider sponsoring the event. 

The only thing one can do if contemplating starting such an endeavor is start small, get the word out and hope people in the area will support the event.  Rhonda and the Rage were kind enough to play our festival last year, and it really helped us a lot.  She had already booked our dates this year or we would have her back. 

This is a rather lengthy explanation, all I can really offer is support ANY Bluegrass that comes to your area, it is all good. Don't' feel slighted, if the support is there the venue will start to book the more "famous" acts that you would like to see.  There is nothing more enjoyable than attending a show, be it just a couple of bands or multiple days of bands surrounded by the comradeship of like minded people.  Bluegrass people are the best in the world!


My wife and I attended both years of the Frisco Festival and were really disappointed when it didn't happen after that.   I was hoping someone else would pick it up or something would happen during the State Fair of Texas.

Already have tickets to the BHF in September and really looking forward to it.  However what I really would like to see are acts like Rhonda, Marty Stuart (my music hero), Cherry Holmes, YMSB and so forth. 

Don't know if it's been explored but I think the NokiaTheater in Dallas would be a great one night venue for Rhonda Vincent and the Rage.

BTW, love the new album and really looking forward to the Gospel album.

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