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We have had VBS this week.  I was the Director plus the teacher for the teens!  It was not bad, I enjoy kids!  Today at 12:00 we have a picnic for the kids. Then I have a wedding at 4:30. VBS program at 10:00 in the morning and then the Hypes Family Reunion (my 4th and last family reunion of the summer)  (Plus working all week!)  

I am ready for a little RV and R everybody enjoy the show today!


When I was director of VBS and the youth teacher it was almost impossible to do both.  So hats off to you  and God bless you!!!!

Savannah P

Bible School was SO much fun! I loved the wise old king song..lol. The funny part is that i still havent got my stuff from Haley yet! lol. Real smart right?lol

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