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I didn't even see a warning.  

Anyway...thanks everyone for your good wishes.

Facebook issued this statement:

Your failure to comply with an earlier warning has resulted in this block.

Please note that this block is temporary and can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Facebook cannot lift this block for any reason. Please be patient and refrain from using this feature for a few days.

Continued misuse of Facebook's features may result in your account being permanently disabled.
You could thank everyone individually on here, but I may BLOCK you if you do
Gary Kennedy



Im with GLK...... FREE RHONDA!

Dear Rhonda "Sir Spam A Lot" Vincent,

Facebook really must not like you right now.  I just got a text message with your status update about still being blocked, but it's not even showing up on my laptop.

Then again, facebook has been acting REALLY strange lately.  Any text messages I have gotten from facebook have been quite a bit delayed (sometimes hours later).  In fact, now that I think of it, I'm not supposed to get ANY facebook text messages after 10 p.m. and well it's 1 a.m. and I just got two.

Maybe you should take a facebook hiatus for a day or so so they don't think you are a spammer.  I'd hate for you to get your account deleted.  Where will I hear about varmints and liver dinners?


heard all about you spammers, tut tut

Dear Agent 13,

My staff of investigative reporters has uncovered evidence which proves that this is all part of a sinister plot to silence you.  This conspiracy runs VERY close to home and is being masterminded by a certain well-known author who is attempting a hostile takeover of your message board.  If you see him lurking around your house, please approach him with caution.  He is believed to be very dangerous and armed with cashmere curtains.

Agent 28
Lawnchairperson of the Committee to Free RHONDA VINCENT

GLK you crack me up!!
I'm still in Time Out!  But I sure have gotten a lot done.  The whole house is clean, dishes done, last load of laundry on, 1/8  of the garage is cleaned, Dear Herby's office is sparkling, AND I'm going now to finish my office.

GLK...I'm thinking you're right.  There was a real conspiracy going on here, selfish motives of clean-ness. 

I'm gonna show him tho.  I'll be singing that song in the morning....

"I'm Leavin'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''don't even try and slow me down!
"Yeah I'm Leavin'''''''''''''''gonna travel out of this town!  

Rhonda, what exactly are they blocking you from doing?  I saw your Facebook message yesterday, so how were you able to do that?  There must be some way that we can smuggle a message from your cell out to your supporters in the free world.  Is this your first timeout, second timeout or IIIrd Tyme Out?


Technically...and GLK..I know you are a VERY technical kind of guy....

This is my FIRST Time Out.
But this will be the 2nd Time for IIIrd Tyme Out on the 4th Bluegrass Cruise !! 

They still have me blocked.  Special thanks to David for posting about the Grand Ole Opry tonight on my Facebook Wall. 

I'm still blocked, and even after I got the entire house cleaned;
and played on the Grand Ole Opry.  

Gary Kennedy
This is an outRAGE!!!!!

Free the incomparable

You guys are hillarious! Are we related or something???? lol. Just as goofy!

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