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Hello to all the Ragers here! I want to say this pass weekend was a great time for me I went to my 1st ever bluegrass festival in Minreial va. WOW i never knew you could have a great time there !!!  Well I did and all the groups were very good ----But Rhonda Vincent and the Rage were the top of all the music played there She was the best there!! The music by Rage -Well what can I say they were smooth. not to mention the 13 year old they had there ! Now that boy can pick that dobro.Again it was a great weekend in Mineral va .  Oh yea! to Julia it was very nice meeting you in person under the tent LOL.

Now I cant wait till the next festival !!!   Kc  
Jim & Mary Goodman

I wish we had been under the tent when you met Julia. We like to meet other Ragers at festivals so hope to meet you someday!

Hey KC!

I'm so glad to hear you had a great time at your first festival!  I still remember how incredible my first bluegrass festival experience was.  It's certainly something you'll never forget.

Welcome to the greatest group of people you'll ever know, the Ragers!

Have a great day!

Hi KC!  So glad you came to Mineral. Hope to see you again soon!!  

Yes , you will never forget your first festival ever Rhonda was also at my fiirst festival at bill monroe ,s beanblossom indiana her and the osbrone brothers and jesse mcrynolds  the sad thing that was the first festival season after jim had passed heartbroken i didnt get to see him ,but yes they are addictive and get to know the artist really well also the fans as well  what neat thing to be apart of bluegrass music

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