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Hi Donna and Michelle,
 Whitey and I were just wondering how you were? We haven't heard from you on the board Michelle, get on there once and awhile and let us know how your Banjo pickin is doing ok. Take care and so glad we got to see you, and your sweet mother again, at Sally Mountain.
 Whitey and Linda

Missing YOU.

Michelle and Donna
Hi Whitey, Linda, Susie, and all our rager friends,

Sorry we haven't been on the message board in a while. We were on vacation last week and at a festival this weekend.

We miss seeing all of you! We've made so many friends at Sally Mountain! It's such a fun festival!

We'll keep in touch with you all. We promise!

-Michelle and Donna
Jim & Mary Goodman

Michelle are you the Michelle who just won a banjo contest? I thought that was you on the other thread. This makes me wonder if that was another Michelle. Mary

That was me! I am the Michelle that you met at Sally Mountain.

Happy belated birthday, Jim. Sorry I didn't write earlier. I didn't have a computer with me at the festival I was at in Maine. Hope you had a happy birthday!
"GO MICHELLE GO, I didn't know you won a contest, Mary will have to let us know where the sight is, so we can go look at it.  Of course we knew you could win first didn't we? Take care hon, and keep in touch, alot of people I know, would love to hear about you through the year, Sally Mtn. is along way off, lol.
 Your friends Whitey and Linda 
Hi Linda and Whitey,

I'm not on the web site yet, but the people at the festival took pictures to put up. They will be on there soon, probably in a couple of days. The site is http://www.ossipeevalley.com.

I hope you're having a good summer!

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