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Rhonda & The Rage
Here we're doing the Oregon Bounce....the title of my new instrumental.

The Stevenson, Washington Festival Site!

It's a good thing we make a lot of $$s, since we don't have any fun.  :-)

Y'all are so goofy. I'm glad y'all made it to the show safely and without trouble.  I'll pray y'all continue to travel without complications.
P.S. Did you know you can use something called Photobooth on your MAC and alter the pictures and make them look all crazy? I just found that out the other day.  Pretty neat stuff!
The photos NEED to be crazier??  
Jim & Mary Goodman

Rhonda and the Rage always look like they are having a lot of fun. In Mineral, VA, Doyle Lawson's band members looked like they were miserable--but then again Doyle looked like an old grouch. I'd much rather see our favorites having fun like they do.

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