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Rhonda & The Rage
It is an absolutely beautiful day!  Come join us here at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival!!!


Getting ready for our last show here in East Hartford, CT.

The day has been perfect.  Great to see Robert Hall, My male model (Davey),
Patty & Nathan, and so many other Fan Club Members!!!

We'll be on our way to Sodus shortly.

Hope you're having a super Bluegrass Saturday Night!

Mike Garlock

    Most of the Pool Party has hit the Road.  I still dripping from the Pool and thinking of Bed.  Jim & Ben might stay in the Pool all night!  Big day tomorrow and we are excited to see Rhonda again!  Good Night Mike G.
Robert Hall
Well,I made it home in one peice..wasnt easy,with insane drivers going 100 mph and using HIGH BEAMS in my eyes all the way home..the highways sure are a dangerous place nowadays..saw two bad wrecks on my way home,and was lucky I wasn't one of them...decided to sleep in my own bed tonite,instead of the car at the flea market!..213 miles is enough for one day and night for this badly nearsighted guy..

Mike,Jim,Jane,and the rest of the Ragers awaiting Rhonda's arrival in Sodus!---- better be ready for a great show today!!!...Rhonda and the Rage were in top notch form today,two great shows at Podunk,and for once,a truly NICE day,alebit warm and very sunny,I sweated bullets and sunburnt some,but its a welcome relief from the rain,rain,rain that has plagued us this summer..some hay bales had to be spread about to cover the mud,and the usual field "parking lot" was too muddy to use today,so they had us park at the golf course next to the festival site ..(I always wonder why Herby never comes to Podunk,he could play golf AND hear the music!)..

Rhonda did many of her new songs off the newest "Destination Life" CD,this afternoon,like "Crazy Love","Anywhere is Home When Your With Me",Stop The World And Let Me Off",and some old favorites like "I'm Not Over You" and "Driving Nails In My Coffin",and all too soon it was over..the evening show was spectacular,I think Rhonda and the guys did every song I knew, and a few I haven't heard before,like Mikey's "Lost All My Money But A Two Dollar Bill",that had the crowd singing and clapping along!!..Rhonda nailed the  classic "After The Fire Is Gone",and many of her other hits,including the ever crowd pleasing favorite "Jolene"!!..and a touching rendition of "Til They Came Home"too..a large military looking plane came flying by just over the treetops, just seconds before the encore during the afternoon performance,I thought that would have been a good time to sing "God Bless The Soldier"..

The only song "missing" was "If You Dont Love Your Neighbor",but perhaps that was because they had sung SO many songs,they were running out of time..or maybe Rhonda was afraid it would turn into "Free Bird" like it did at Strawberry ParK??...that was a night I'll not forget anytime soon either!..

I'd like to thank Rhonda for a great day and evening,truly a perfect "Bluegrass Saturday Night"..and the keychains and mints too!..I got her new CD,now I must "catch up" and hear every note I've been missing since june 16th or so when it came out!..

I hope you liked your birthday present Rhonda!..and I truly hope "I Will See You Again"..you know why..   Thanks for bringing some badly needed sunshine and cheer into my life...
I'll try to find some venues in this area for you to perform at,I'll send the info to Julia..

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