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Kissing Couple
Rhonda is seen kissing the emcee (which happens to be her husband)  backstage in Spartanburg, SC.   

karen in ca

Awwww. After all these years you too are so cute!! Keep the example going.

Mike Garlock
Good Morning From Sodus Point, NY,

    Another beautiful Morning today.  Jim Hughes has just appeared from the Hughesgrass Express.  Since Jim is the Emcee in Sodus I bet he hopes this becomes a tradition!  Mike G.
Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh how precious, you two have a good thing going.

Charles Flanary
Hey Herby you sure did over marry,you're the luckiest man around.
Savannah P

Did she know they were taking the picture??? LOL oOoOoHhHLOL

Madison Leigh

oh just a little kiss huh? lol !just kidding! that is a really cute pic. thou that would be somthing i would put in a heart frame and keep forever! 

Elizabeth Cox

I saw this and it made me smile! Sooooo sweet to see them still so in love!

madison leigh

i know its just so cute!!! 

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